About Us

In my old life, before the amnesia, I was a writer. Perhaps I am in this one, as well.  So, I’m going to write regularly, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be a writer again.

Shimmer is my neighbor’s greyhound. He is a rescue and he, too, had an old life and now has a new one. We walk together almost everyday. I am always amazed at the number of people who come up to us and share random pieces of their life with us. Such is the power of a impressive beautiful dog.

I thought writing a short piece about our adventures will help me develop a writer’s discipline and, maybe, provide some entertainment to you as well. Welcome to Walking with Shimmer.

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One Response to About Us

  1. I adore greyhounds. I’ve had five, all rescues and ex-racers, and will always have a greyhound(s) in my life as long as I can look after them. Very deserving of a loving home. Such gentle, loving creatures. Good luck with the blog.

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