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The Rule Still Stands

If you think about it, the word “Dog” is a  bit of a concept.  I’d be hard-pressed to explain to you the difference between Dogs and Cats, but I surely can tell a French bulldog from a Siamese cat, and … Continue reading

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His penmanship is terrible!

Today, Shimmer and I were one of THOSE people. Here’s the story: I needed to pick up cat kibble for our cats. A task Shimmer couldn’t care less about, except that kibble was involved. He’s a fiend for kibble: dog, … Continue reading

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Today’s Conversation

Her: “Excuse me, is that dog all right?” Me: “He’s resting because it’s hot.” Her: “It’s, like, not even seventy outside.” Me: “Well, he gets hot.” Her: “He doesn’t look right. You should get him home.” Shimmer belches, end of … Continue reading

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Go, Billy, Go!

Shimmer and I were walking home when we heard what I thought was a bird in distress. A high-pitched “Pip, pip!” was coming from up a nearby hill, so we went to find out what was happening. The coyotes have … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name…

Spring decided to arrive a bit early here and fresh green grass has replaced the dead winter grass. Shimmer prefers this over the hard sidewalk.  Because he usually decides where we’re going, we’ve been hitting a lot of large grassy … Continue reading

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Either way, it’s bad news for the squirrels

Today we ran across two mailmen staring up at a tree and having a discussion. “It’s an owl,” said one of the mailmen. “No, it’s a hawk,” said the other. “That’s an owl.” “It’s a hawk.” Shimmer, not one to … Continue reading

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Plan B: Run fast

Shimmer and I stepped out into a cold, cloud-filled day. He marched me straight down the street to the dead possum lying in the curb. Much like sharks have the ability to sense blood from a mile away, Shimmer can … Continue reading

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