Either way, it’s bad news for the squirrels

Today we ran across two mailmen staring up at a tree and having a discussion.

“It’s an owl,” said one of the mailmen.

“No, it’s a hawk,” said the other.

“That’s an owl.”

“It’s a hawk.”

Shimmer, not one to pass up such a scintillating conversation, stopped to listen (and possibly be offered treats, or at the very least, be admired). To his disappointment, they ignored him and continued wondering what kind of bird was in the tree. I told him we had been hearing owls at night, and this could be one one of them. I took a picture and we all studied it.

“It’s an owl.”

“No, it’s a hawk.”

Shimmer, sensing their argument wasn’t going anywhere soon, suggested we leave and go look at squirrels. At least we’re confident about what they look like.



About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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5 Responses to Either way, it’s bad news for the squirrels

  1. Julie Roberts says:

    Beautiful hawk! Besides, one doesn’t often see owls in the daytime… Great photo!

  2. Joan says:

    Lovely photo of our local hawk!

  3. Kelly says:

    Are you all sure it’s not an owl? 😉

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