He’s been reading Jack London, apparently

I’ve never been so aware of the change of seasons as I have been since walking Shimmer. We watch the apple tree down the block go from bare branches to white blooms, then green leaves, and then naked again. Shadows grow and shrink through the year, and people change the decorations in their doorway according to the closest holiday.

Shimmer has made me see seasons in a different way. This is coyote season. The pack living in Glen Canyon Park have another litter and many more mouths to feed so they prowl everywhere, not just in the park.

We’ve seen them in our driveway and the common area across the street. Joan and Shimmer have seen them on a morning walk and the dog parkers love to tell the tale of a small unleashed dog being snatched away in front of his horrified owner.

Of course coyotes also leave a scent wherever they go, and this scent, to Shimmer, is of great interest. Every bush they’ve passed, tree they brushed, rock they touched is inspected thoroughly from all possible angles. Our walks have become a little longer.

I don’t mind waiting. I imagine he’s taking in a lot of information and I like to think it’s what he dreams about when he’s sleeping: a wild dog running forever free.


About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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