He gets them done on time, too!

I know how hot the Delta is by how cold, windy, and foggy we are. Sacramento must be burning up. The fog had wrapped itself around the top of Twin Peaks, blinding the tourists.  Glen Park Canyon was hidden by a roiling cloud, fifty shades of grey. Below us, the Mission had disappeared, as well as Glen Park. Our neighborhood was in its own island, a floating city in the clouds.

This poetic imagery is lost on Shimmer. He’s out for a walk and that involves certain specific protocols whether the weather is storming and howling or the most beautiful day in all of creation. He’s got a To Do list and he’s going to stick with it.

I thought to myself: what an admirable quality,  perhaps one I should copy. A clear set of goals is a good thing. I’d  stay focused on them and get them done and I wouldn’t find excuses to not do them. I would be the very epitome of dogged determination!

And then I remembered Shimmer has basically two items on his list, so, once again, not the best role model.

About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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One Response to He gets them done on time, too!

  1. Connie K. says:

    You still have to admit Shimmer is a very philosophical dog.

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