He’d pay more attention to chopped liver

When we began our walk today, the weather was gray and cold. But, lo and behold, shortly after we left, the sun broke out. The clouds disappeared and suddenly the day revealed itself as beautiful and gloriously clear. On one side of the hill we could see the San Mateo bridge, 30 miles away. On the other side was the ocean stretching out to the horizon–where ships fall off the earth, if I understand my 14th century science books right.

This walk had not started out so sunnily, however. Joan was home and Shimmer never wants to leave her when she’s there. Per an earlier agreement,  she pretended to leave and I had to coax him out the door with flattering words and a promised treat. Then, with more cajoling and putting on the “I’m the alpha” cap, we went for a walk. Still, Shimmer and his magical dog thinking would occasionally pull towards a passing door as if it were some Narnia portal that would take him home.

He eventually settled down and our walk went as usual, but I couldn’t help but think: so much for man’s best friend. More like Joan’s best friend.

About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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