Get rich slowly!

When I was much younger I used to pick up spare change by hanging around the slot machines at the Eagle Thrifty store in Reno while the parents shopped. There was always a nickel or dime to be found on the floor, and if I came across a quarter, it was like finding the Hope diamond. I became pretty good at keeping my eye peeled to the ground while walking to school and back, and could usually find at least a penny.

I had forgotten about this until today when Shimmer pulled me up a walkway to research some chicken bones under a bush. Next to the bush was a dollar bill. This would make 21 dollars I’ve found so far while out with Shimmer.

You would expect to find a few coins crawling around the floor of a store, but 21 dollars while walking a dog? Five dollars stuck with the other trash next to a fence, a ten lying in the curb, another five in a hedge, and now this crumpled single dollar.

Our travels are not lonely adventures; we run across many people on our walks. How could so many not see what’s lying right in front of them? I’m guessing some are on their phones or focused on their thoughts, or maybe, once you get beyond the age where finding a quarter on the street is a big deal, you stop looking down.

All the better for me. Because now, when I walk Shimmer, I keep a practiced eye on the ground looking for more than just chicken bones under bushes. Baby needs new shoes.

About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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One Response to Get rich slowly!

  1. i used to check the money return slots in machines. i almost always found a quarter or two.

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