Saturday, in the park

Today the sky was cloudless and ridiculously blue, the color of a robin’s egg (of which there are five in a nest in our garage), and the small breeze was still cool from its trip across the ocean. It was a great day to go to Glen Canyon Park!

It’s hard to believe there’s a beautiful park like this no more than ten minutes away. It’s got lots of trails and coyotes, and dogs can run free–except for Shimmer, of course, because of the previously mentioned coyotes. And raccoons and skunks. And the dogs running free as their owners pointlessly yell at them to “come here NOW!”  But still, it’s a really nice semi-wild park:

Our view from the trail

As we were leaving we ran into one of Shimmer’s admirers. She’s an older woman who we see regularly exercising with her walker. She said hello to “Sparkles.” I laughingly corrected her and we went home, tired, and slightly sunburnt. One of us anyway.

About Kelly

I'm a dog walker, he's a greyhound, we meet a lot of nice people.
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One Response to Saturday, in the park

  1. nevadasgirl says:

    A few of us were talking about your writings today. We look forward to reading them daily.
    I’m starting to feel I’m on the walks with you and Shizzle.

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